Isolate and resolve problems in Oracle – an Easy Way

As DBA, we have to isolate the problem and then resolve the issue in Databases.

When working with Oracle, we face several issues if the Oracle Enterprise Manager is not installed on the Operating System.

This tool is a good replacement for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

This tool consists of below features;

  • View enterprise-level performance at a glance
  • Identify servers and resource areas where performance degradation originates
  • Diagnose and resolve issues quickly with drill-downs and built-in expert advice
  • Automate performance metric analysis and responses for fast issue resolution

For more information and for the Trail, please visit Foglight for Oracle

After partitioning file system displays wrong disk size in Windows

“I extended the Hard disk size in VMware / Hyper V. Then I extended the Disk size in the Disk Management tool. All without any problems. But when I was checking the disk size in the Windows Explorer the size was incorrect. The old size was still showing”

This is an issue on most Operating Systems, this can be corrected by Extending the File-system.

The fix is simple, open an elevated command prompt and start DISKPART

List all volumes of the server.

DISKPART> list volume

Select the volume that has the wrong file system size. 1 is the ID of the affected volume.

DISKPART> select volume 1

Extend the file system

DISKPART> extend filesystem