CISCO Enterprise Network Simulator


Here, you will find the perfect Enterprise Network Simulator which is created by myself.

net lab

you will find the technologies listed below,

  • VLAN
  • OSPF Routing
  • RIP Routing
  • EIGRP Routing
  • Frame Relay
  • Route Redistribution
  • Inter VLAN Routing
  • VTP / STP & etc
  1. Download the PKT file.
  2. Download the help guide.
  3. finally GET the command list for each device.

How to Enable JAVA application High Availability


HA-JDBC is a JDBC proxy that enables a Java application to transparently access a cluster of identical databases through the JDBC API.


HA-JDBC has the following advantages over normal JDBC:

  • High-Availability

The database cluster is available to service requests so long as at least one database node is active.

  • Fault Tolerance

Because HA-JDBC operates via the JDBC API, it is transaction-aware and can survive a database node failure without failing or corrupting current transactions.

  • Scalability

By balancing read requests across databases, HA-JDBC can meet increasing load by scaling horizontally (i.e. adding database nodes).

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