Assign a static IP on Ubuntu server 20

Ubuntu 17 and later versions control the networking by a feature called “Netplan“. The configuration files are located in the /etc/netplan. Under the directory, you will find either 50-cloud-init.yaml or 00-installer-config.yaml 

Step 01: First locate the configuration file under /etc/netplan

Step 02: In my enviornment, the file is 00-installer-config.yaml. So, edit the configuration file with either nano or vim. sudo nano /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml

Step 03: Update the networking configuration as appropriately. A sample configuration will look like below

dhcp4: no
addresses: []
addresses: [,]

Step 04: Save & exit the configuration editor. And then apply the netplan configuration. sudo netplan apply

Finally, reboot the server and verify the changes by running ifconfig or ip a

How to find MPN/CSP information

How to find the customer ID/Tenant ID of the customer? 32 characters long

Partner Center–>Customers–>Customer–>Account

How to find the MPN/CSP ID? 

Partner Center–>Settings–>Oraganization Profile–>Identifiers

How to find the Tenant ID for the Partner? 32 characters long

Partner Center–>Settings–>Oraganization Profile–>Azure AD Profile