How to enable MFA in Dokuwiki

Recently, I had to create a Wiki site. So consideriing all the features, my selection was Dokuwiki. Before the go live, I had to secure the Wiki site. My primary concern was MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). I faced some issues while configuring the MFA. So, I thought of sharing this with you. Let’s see how we can enable MFA.

Make sure to slect “Mandatory” as no one can bypass the MFA

  • Then, you need to enable Google Auth. plugin as below

  • Finally, you may verify the MFA by running Enrollment wizard and re login

As you can see, I can not login to the system without providing the configured MFA. 

Author: Chathura Ariyadasa

A highly talented IT professional with extensive experience and capabilities in performing a variety of IT Security, Computer Networking and IT Help Desk duties and responsibilities in the IT Department.