“Extend Volume” greyed out

Recently, one of my friends got back to me saying that he could not extend the C drive. Upon checking, we figured out that the “Recovery” partition was sitting between the System partition and the Unallocated space.

Basically, the “Recovery” partition was blocking the feature. In order to fix this, we had to delete the “Recovery” partition. Will look at how we can fix the issue in a few simple steps. 

[Note: all the commands are in Bold Italic]

Step 01: Open an elevated command prompt and enter diskpart

Step 02: Select the relevant Disk and list the partitions 

select disk 0

list partitions

Step 03: Upon confirming, select the recovery partition (in my case, it is Partition 3)

Step 04: After selecting the correct partition, delete the partition. delete  partition  override

Step 05: Extend the volume using either the command extend or disk management in GUI. 

How to properly rollback configuration changes on Cisco devices

Recently, I had to reconfigure 20+ site-to-site VPN tunnels with IKEv2. Previously, they were running on IKEv1. But after a week time, we had to roll back the changes. One of my work colleague inquired about the rollback options. His plan was to use the command “copy start run“. But if we are looking at a full configuration rollback, we should be using the command “configure replace“.

The copy command MERGE the configuration but never replaces the configuration.  This command does not remove commands from the current running configuration that are not present in the source file. So, to overcome this issue, Cisco has released a command for this. The configure replace command provides the capability to replace the current running configuration with any saved Cisco IOS configuration file. This can be used to revert to a previous configuration state, effectively rolling back any configuration changes that were made since the previous configuration state was saved. 

In my case, the configuration backup was saved to the Flash: It does not matter where your configuration backup is located. 

So, to roll back the changes you may simply run the below command (without []).

configure replace [saved-config-archive]