vCenter 6.7 – error when adding new hosts

In Vcenter 6.7, when you try to add ESXi hosts you may end up with an error saying

“The certificate on 1 host could not be verified. The SHA1 thumbprints of the certificate is listed below. To continue connecting, manually verify this certificate and accept the thumbprint below”

In order to fix this issue, you simply can carry out below workarounds

  • Restart ESXi management agents
  • Fix Date/Time on the hosts
  • Verify/fix DNS entries of the host systems

Testing VMkernel network connectivity using vmkping

As we all know vmkernel adapters are critical when working with storage and  vmotion networks. Normally these networks are isolated from each other. So we can not rely only with the “ping” command. In that case, we should be able to ping from the specific adapter (ex: if storage related, need to use the specified vmkernel adapter [vmkX] to ping the storage system).

Will look at the steps,

Step 01 : SSH into the esxi host.

Step 02 : Identify the correct/relevant vmk, that has been mapped/assigned.

Step 03: Run the command in this format [vmkping -I vmkX x.x.x.x]

vmkis denoted by the vmkernel adapter number / x.x.x.x is denoted by the destination IP address.