Firepower 2100 series initial configuration with HA setup

In our example, we will be looking at the initial configuration when setting up the Cisco Firepower 2100 series. As you can see in the below topology, we have used 2 FPR devices connected through the ports 1/12. Also, we have used 2 console connections connected through a basic LAN switch. In this example, the IP assignments are as below.

IP assignments Cisco FPR2100-01 Cisco FPR2100-02
Device management IP
Default gateway

  • Make a console connection with the FPR2100 appliances and connect to the FTD module. 

firepower# connect ftd

  • Setting up the FTD management IP address on the first FPR appliance

>configure network ipv4 manual

  • Setting up the FTD management IP address on the second FPR appliance

>configure network ipv4 manual

  • Set the management access type to the local

>configure manager local

  • Then, configure the management access. In this example, we have allowed all

>configure https-access-list

  • Finally, make sure that you have entered the correct parameters with the below command

>show network

Recommended distances when selecting/planning a Data Center

In Data Center Design, Site selection is one of the most critical and the very first step out of all the phases. We mainly focus on 2 sub-areas. Natural and Man-made hazards are taken into consideration. Today, we are going to look at a few Man-made objects and the required minimum distances. 

Man-made object Minimum Distance (KM)
Gas/fuel stations 1.6
High-voltage transmission lines 1.6
Airport runaways 1.6
Small lakes & overflow areas 1.6
Railroads 1.6
Large store complex 1.6
Water storage towers 1.6
Canals 3.2
Harbour & ports 3.2
Lakes & dams 3.2
Quarries 3.2
Radar stations 5
Research laboratories 5
Radio/TV stations 5
Embassies 5
Airports 8
Chemical & Power plants 8
Military stations & installations 13
Nuclear plants 80