How to test Network port connectivity from the vCenter server

On Vcenter servers, with the help of curl command, we can simply test connectivity. In this example, we are going to check the LDAP port connectivity (which is port 389).

Step 01: SSH into the vCenter server and access the shell

Step 02: Issue the command curl -v telnet://ipaddress:port_number

Connected means – the port is listening and accessible. 

vCenter certificate validation error during 6.7 to 7.0 upgrade

While I was trying to upgrade the vCenter to 7 Update 3, ended up with an error saying

“The machine SSL certificate in the VMware Endpoint Certificate Store (VECS) does not correspond with the service registration in the VMware Directory Service (vmdir)”

The remediation steps are pretty straightforward as per their KB 2121701

In order to ease and speed up the process, you can simply follow the below steps.

  • Take a snapshot or a full backup of the source vCenter
  • Download the automated script from the VMware community
  • Copy the file to # /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts (you may use a utility like WinSCP)
  • Run the below commands

python -f scan

python -f fix