Open Source VPN solution for any OS/Task

As IT professionals, there are times where we need to setup reliable VPN connections without any hassle.

Recently I came across an issue where we had to carry out a cloud to cloud data center migration. The limitation was we had no option to use configure VPN connection between the cloud service providers. Almost all the network ports were closed except port 80 & 443. So to overcome the issue, we used an open source client/server based solution called “SoftEther VPN“. This VPN solution provides more security and also works fine with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Solaris. This system will have both client/server interfaces.

SoftEther VPN Windows Server and Client Setup (How To)

Finding the Internet Submarine Cable Map

We all know that Internet is connected using the fiber optic cables. Those cables are layered under the sea.

As IT professionals we are required to know the best Routes when it comes to international/geographical connectivity.

For that we need to know the physical backbone connectivity.

Below two websites provide the Submarine Cable Map in a clear and concise manner;