How to enable Cloud Fare on VPS


1. SSH to the server in which you need to install CloudFlare plugin.

2. Enter the cPanel basic directory:

cd /usr/local/cpanel

3. Download the tar file to your server.

curl -k -L > cloudflare.tar.gz

4. Untar the file

tar -zxvf cloudflare.tar.gz

5. This will extracts a directory which includes a UNIQUE_ID. The sample format of this will be as follows:


Here w40bbb3 is the UNIQUE_ID.

cd cloudflare-CloudFlare-CPanel-UNIQUE_ID/cloudflare

6. Execute the install script in the following format:

./install_cf API_HOST_KEY mod_cf “Your Company Name”

API_HOST_KEY – You will get this from your CloudFlare panel.

Your Company name – You can give your hostname here.

mod_cf is optional. If set, the installer will also try to install mod_cloudflare

That’s it!!! Now, you will be able to see an icon for “CloudFlare” in all your cPanel accounts.

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Author: Chathura Ariyadasa

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