How to reset GRUB password for VCSA

What is required:

  • vCenter Appliance
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.2 or CENT OS 7.2 ISO

Step 01:

Mount bootable ISO to the VCSA

Select connect at power on

Change the boot loader priority to ISO

Step 02:

Boot the VM and select “Troubleshooting”

Step 03:

Select the rescue mode and press enter to continue.

Step 04:

Select “Continue” to mount the VCSA’s root file-system in Read/write mode under /mnt/sysimage. RHEL or CENT is capable to detecting the VCSA’s root volume and mounting it.

Step 05:

VCSA’s root file-system is mounted under /mnt/sysimage and you got the shell to play with this.

Step 06:

Navigate to /mnt/sysimage/boot directory and list the contents (cd /mnt/sysimage/boot/ and then ls -lrt).

Step 07:

Navigate to grub directory and list the contents. “menu.lst” is the file which holds the GRUB boot loader password.

Step 08:

Use “vi” editor to edit the menu.lst file. ( vi menu.lst).

Step 09:

Remove Password line from menu.lst (After that just save the file by pressing key sequence  :wq).

Step 10:

Exit the shell by typing exit (YOU ARE DONE).

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Author: Chathura Ariyadasa

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