Recommended distances when selecting/planning a Data Center

In Data Center Design, Site selection is one of the most critical and the very first step out of all the phases. We mainly focus on 2 sub-areas. Natural and Man-made hazards are taken into consideration. Today, we are going to look at a few Man-made objects and the required minimum distances. 

Man-made object Minimum Distance (KM)
Gas/fuel stations 1.6
High-voltage transmission lines 1.6
Airport runaways 1.6
Small lakes & overflow areas 1.6
Railroads 1.6
Large store complex 1.6
Water storage towers 1.6
Canals 3.2
Harbour & ports 3.2
Lakes & dams 3.2
Quarries 3.2
Radar stations 5
Research laboratories 5
Radio/TV stations 5
Embassies 5
Airports 8
Chemical & Power plants 8
Military stations & installations 13
Nuclear plants 80
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Author: Chathura Ariyadasa

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