PowerShell Day-to-Day Admin Tasks [in a nutshell]

If you are aiming to optimize the use of your time by doing as much as possible via scripting, you will soon want to run scripts in parallel to save time. PowerShell does not demand that you run jobs one after the other; It has the means to launch actions whenever you wish and to obtain the results when you want them.

This article demonstrates how easily a Windows admin can achieve required Dev Ops skills by using Windows Automation Tasks. The article consists of 3 different areas;

  1. How to create PowerShell Scripts using a GUI tool
  2. Pre defined PowerShell script source [revised by Microsoft]
  3. How to Run the Created PS scripts [Task Scheduler & PS to EXE conversion]

Section 1:

LazyWinAdmin is a project released in 2012, a PowerShell Script that generates a GUI/WinForms loaded with tons of functions. This utility is very helpful for anyone managing workstations or servers.

Sections 2:

Here you will find hundreds of pre defined commands written in PowerShell, VB Script, Perl & Python. Only Minor Tweaks will be required, therefore you can use the given compiler to cross check the validity of the commandlets.


Section 3:

After creating the Scripts in place, you will have to run/schedule the tasks properly. For that we will have 2 options [*Scheduling Script & *EXE conversion].

*Scheduling Script

  1. Open the Task Scheduler and Create New Task.
  2. In the Actions Tab, select the Program path \Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v\powershell.exe
  3. Make sure Required Privilege Levels have been granted.

*EXE conversion (more easy)

  1. Download the PS2EXE conversion utility.
  2. Follow the steps as given above for Task Scheduling.
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