SQL Server live DB files are too big

Within the MSSQL files, MDF and LDF can be found and used.

Both LDF and MDF are files extensions used in the Microsoft SQL Server.

The extension file .MDF stands for “Master Database File.” This file contains all the startup information for the database to run and tracks all the databases on the SQL server. It also points to the other files in the database. This file is also a key file in storing information that is very important in admittance and supervision of data content on the server.

Meanwhile, LDF is the file extension for the server transaction log for the main data file. It saves the database information in addition to keeping a record of all the actions and changes made on the information on the server. This includes; date, time, details of all changes, user information regarding who made the changes. In addition, the log also features the computer terminal where the changes were made.


The most common problem is that user sets recovery model to full, and then forgets to do transaction log backups. The solution is simple – switch to the simple recovery model.

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