When working with VMware Horizon VDI systems, you may notice the above error while trying to load the VDI system. This can happen if the old agent version is left with obsolete registry keys. In order to fix the issue we need to flush those registry keys, followed by agent reinstallation. This involves really simple 5 steps. 

Step 01: Download any Uninstaller (we have used Revo portable)

Step 02: Uninstall the Horizon agent version (HAI)

Step 03: Reinstall the Horizon agent version (HAI)

Step 04: Execute “Reset Agent Pairing” from the Horizon admin panel

Step 05: Reboot the VDI system and confirm the status (Online/Offline).

How to enable horizonlocaladmin

When you enable and configure Active Directory authentication on Horizon DaaS Tenants, the horizonlocaladmin account gets disabled. In case if AD account is not working, the only option is to enable horizonlocaladmin account. 

We will look at how we can disable horizonlocaladmin account.

NOTE: All the commands are in Bold Italic

Log into the primary tenant appliance through SSH

Connect to the fabric database psql -U admin -d fdb

View the registered domains using select * from domain;

To delete the domains, issue the command delete * from domain;

You also need to need to delete the Identity sources from AVDB database

psql -U avadmin -d avdb

View the registered identity sources using select * from xms_identity_services;

Then, delete the identity sources with Delete * from xms_identity_services;

Again, connect back to the fabric database psql -U admin -d fdb

Finally, enable the horizonlocaladmin account by issuing the below command

update fabric_properties set value=’true’ where name=’local.account.enabled’;

You can safely access the DaaS Service center and Reset the tenant password as per your preference.